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Dos and Don’ts for Creating Effective Infographics 

A picture is worth a thousand words. Nowhere this phrase is truer than in the case of internet. Data is floating all around us and comprehending them is a huge hassle. However, when data are presenting to us in the form of a story, they become much more relaible and we can easily comprehend and … Continue reading Dos and Don’ts for Creating Effective Infographics 

Dos and Don’ts for Creating Effective Infographics 

A picture is worth a thousand words. Nowhere this phrase is truer than in the case of internet. Data is floating all around us and comprehending them is a huge hassle. However, when data are presenting to us in the form of a story, they become much more relaible and we can easily comprehend and remember them. The average internet users have an attention span of a gold fish especially when it comes to data or huge chunk of content. But according to studies, the human brain can process images much faster than words and thus if the data is presented in the form of images, they tend to stick more. Enter infographic. Technically, infographics are the visual rendition of complicated information by use of charts, graphs, pictures and other visual elements. Infographics have become really popular these days and more and more businesses are keen to take advantage of the power of data visualization through infographics. They have become so popular that nowadays you can find infographics on every imaginable topics from social media, business trends and even beauty tips. However, with the web strewn with heaps of ineffective infographics languishing in the unused dark corners, it won’t take a Sherlock to deduce that not all infographics work. So how do you ensure that your infographic work? How can you be sure that the infographic that you create will bring traffic and links to your website? Check out some dos and don’ts for creating effective infographics:

Dos For Creating Effective Infographics :

Remember the KISS Principle
As they say, keep it simple silly! Remember infographics aren’t there to tell a detailed story. The infographic needs to be simple and to the point.

Use Visual Metaphors
Truly effective infographics show the story in a metaphoric way. Metaphors are a great solutions for visual problems, for instance, what may take a lot of words to explain about ‘understanding’ would take just an image of a light bulb popping on in our head illuminating our understanding. Use metaphors to explain analogies, however, ensure that you use familiar and easily understood metaphors as the metaphor would break down if there are too many analogies to process.

Balance of Text, Images and Colours
The balance is very important as human minds naturally perceive balanced design as more pleasant. But it is not always easy to have a balance; too many images and viewers get overwhelmed, too much text and your infographic gets uninteresting, too many colours and it becomes loud, too many fonts and the design becomes gaudy. Although not a set rule, try keeping the balance of the infographic by keeping the weight of the colours, content and graphics equal on each side. For good data visualization, make use of proportions and white space.

Tell a Story
We are biologically wired to connect with stories. Many good infographics fail because they don’t resonate with the readers. Instead of making your infographic a set of images or charts, try telling a story through them. The images, fonts, colours and content should all come together to tell about the main idea. The idea should be believable and aim to educate or inspire.

Don’t for Creating Effective Infographic : 

Don’t Forget Your Target Audience
You may have the best idea for an infographic but if you don’t know whom it serves, the infographic is bound to flop. The first step in creating an infographic is understanding your target audience. Know what your audience want and center your infographic based on their pain-points. Remember it is not about you. The infographic should educate, inform and entertain your target audience.
Don’t’ use complex idea
Remember that you have a very limited space to put your message across. Having too many ideas or too complex an idea is a sure-shot recipe for failure. Stick to one major idea that can be easily communicated. If you can’t explain your idea in a few sentences, you need to re-think.

Don’t Be Too Predictable
Remember your audience would spend time on your infographic. If you don’t present any unique idea or show an out-of-the-box angle, your infographic would be just a waste of space. Research on a topic that you think would be relevant for your target audience and dig out some facts and figures which may not have been share before and which would be interesting and useful for your target audience.

Don’t Over Embellish
Having too many different kinds of images with different sized icons and weird formatting is akin to putting too many spices in your broth and hoping that it will turn out fine. As with everything, balance is the key when it comes to infographic too.

Don’t Use Boring Title
Remember that titles are the first thing that your viewers would see and a boring and uninspiring title would just mean a higher bounce rate. The goal of a title of your infographic should be to attract the viewers.

So here you have the dos and don’ts of creating effective infographics. Use them well. Remember that while creating good infographics is important, having a fast loading website is a must as it is the performance of your website that would bring in the visitors and make them stay. If you are on a look out for a web hosting service that will help you optimize your website’s performance, Netrouting is a great option. Netrouting is committed to fulfil the mission critical IT demands by using the best hardware and infrastructure. Redundant storage, daily backups and automated fail over is included with all its packages. Know more here!

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